The Bromwich Group Launches Global Consulting Practice

April 2, 2012

WASHINGTON – Michael R. Bromwich, selected by President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar in June 2010 to deal with the crisis caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its aftermath, today announced the launch of The Bromwich Group LLC, a consulting firm that will assist and advise both private and public clients. The Bromwich Group will provide crisis management counseling, strategic advisory services, consulting services relating to domestic and international offshore energy matters, and assistance to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies facing urgent systemic and operational challenges.

“In 18 years in the private sector and 14 years in the government, one of my greatest satisfactions has been in assembling interdisciplinary teams to diagnose and solve critical problems faced by organizations of all kinds, to do so promptly, and to provide those organizations with the tools they need to succeed,” said Bromwich. “The Bromwich Group will take on complex and difficult problems faced by private companies and governmental organizations and will work to solve them in a constructive, balanced and thoughtful way.”

Most recently, Bromwich led the development and implementation of far-reaching regulatory and organizational reforms that revamped the nation’s regulation of offshore energy exploration, development and production. After leading the Bureau of Ocean Energy, Management Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) through the Deepwater Horizon crisis, he directed the reorganization of the agency, strengthened agency ethics requirements, created an internal investigations and oversight capability, and recruited and selected key personnel for the new agencies.

“The Bromwich Group will provide a platform from which to assist a broad range of private and public sector clients in dealing with the urgent problems they encounter and must resolve. We will tailor solutions to the specific challenges faced by our clients and provide the type of individualized attention our clients deserve,” said Bromwich.

The firm’s practice focuses on:

  • Crisis management: The Bromwich Group will provide a comprehensive set of advisory services will address the diverse elements that, in isolation or in tandem, create a crisis for a private company or public organization – including serious regulatory issues, governmental or congressional investigations, and negative media coverage.
  • Strategic advising: The Bromwich Group will assist private companies and public organizations in dealing with the challenging issues they face in developing coherent organizational strategies, implementing those strategies, building new organizational capacities, and reforming organizational culture. The practice will include comprehensive public affairs services to include strategic media and stakeholder outreach.
  • Offshore energy: The Bromwich Group will focus on facilitating responsible offshore development that promotes the values of safety and environmental protection, while at the same time allowing for the continued development of offshore energy resources in the United States and around the world. As offshore development spreads globally, the firm will assist governments that are at early stages of developing regulatory systems and structures, as well as companies addressing domestic and international regulatory challenges.
  • Law enforcement: The Bromwich Group will assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in dealing with the most urgent problems they face, especially those that involve the excessive use of force, internal police misconduct, inadequate internal controls, and inadequate training.

Prior to his recent tenure at the Department of the Interior, Bromwich was involved in a broad range of matters that serve as the foundation for many of the services that will be offered by The Bromwich Group, including serving as the Independent Monitor for the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department with a focus on use of force, civil rights integrity, internal misconduct, and training issues; conducting, in partnership with forensic scientists throughout the United States, a comprehensive investigation of the Houston Police Department Crime Lab; and assisting the State of Delaware in addressing serious issues involving the provision of medical and mental health services to inmates incarcerated in facilities throughout the state.

The Bromwich Group, based in Washington, D.C., will undertake projects throughout the United States and around the world. More information can be found at:


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