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WAPO: The investigation of James Comey is exactly what the country needs

January 19, 2017

FBI Testimony on Microscopic Hair Analysis Contained Errors in at least 90% of Cases

April 20, 2015

Schwartz: What Jon Stewart Taught Me About Advocacy

April 20, 2015

National Journal: Why Obama’s Former Offshore Drilling Cop is Still Worried

April 20, 2015

Michael R. Bromwich interviewed on Federal News Radio

August 14, 2014

Washington Post: Federal review stalled after finding forensic errors by FBI lab unit spanned two decades

July 29, 2014

Politico Pro: Bromwich counters op-ed critical of Gulf spill response

April 17, 2014

Michael R. Bromwich interviewed on Federal News Radio

March 17, 2014

Reuters: Prominent attorney named as monitor in Apple e-books case

October 17, 2013

Washington Times op-ed: Scrimping on justice for all

August 5, 2013
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