Crisis Management

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Organizations of all types – public and private – encounter crises that stretch its leadership beyond the normal challenges of day-to-day operations. These crises may be created by a major accident, a highly-publicized governmental investigation, or public allegations that cast doubt on the organization’s competence and integrity. These threats, from whatever source, can pose a serious threat to the reputation of the organization, and can be so serious that they may threaten its very survival.

The Bromwich Group has substantial experience dealing with public crises in various fields, including offshore energy, onshore natural gas, and law enforcement, among others.

Among the services provided:

  • Creating and implementing public and external affairs outreach strategies for dealing with media inquiries relating to a crisis
  • Developing successful tactics to effectively tell a client’s story and shape its public narrative
  • Providing advice and strategies for dealing with regulatory and enforcement agencies that are investigating or reviewing issues relating to the crisis
  • Providing advice and strategies for dealing with Congressional inquiries and hearings

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